Frequently Asked Questions

How much?
The cost to have the ice cream come out is based on the tally of all the ice cream that your group orders plus a truck rental charge. The charge for the ice cream is subject to a minimum based on how long that you want us there. Please fill out the form or send an email of your event detail for a cost estimate.

How far in advance should I book my event?
It is recommended that you book at least two weeks in advance as our availability fills up fast. However, we may still be able accommodate your event even if you wait until the last minute, just call.

Do you take credit card?
Yes, I take the four major credit cards. I can even invoice you and send a w-9 on request.

How do I schedule a truck?
Submit a form with your event details or send us an email. Be sure to include the time, date, address, location, and any other event details or requests.

Can I put my sign on your truck?  Can you follow me to my client locations?
Yes! Professionals hire us all summer long to promote their business, thank their clients, and treat their referral networks. We can follow you to your client locations, and then you can jump in the truck and pass out ice cream, or we can do it for you.

We don’t have much time, we have a large group, can you send two trucks?
We now have 23 years’ experience in ice cream vending and are good at what we do. We can serve about 250 people in a half hour! As long as you meet the minimum sales for each truck, we can send as many trucks as necessary.

Our factory has 3 shifts, can you cover 3rd shift?
Yes, we’re available 24/7 for multiple shifts. We can also serve multiple locations

Does your truck play music?
Of course! Just like the good ‘ol days, our truck can pull up to your event with the ice cream music playing, if you request it. If you want it silent, just let us know.

Can I buy a box of my favorite ice cream?
Absolutely! All of our ice cream novelties are available at wholesale prices. You can pick them up at our Oakwood Village Warehouse, or in some cases, you can arrange to pick them up from one of our neighborhood trucks.

We’re having a small party and I see your truck in our neighborhood, do I have to meet the $140 minimum?
To guarantee our truck will be there rain or shine, yes. We will reserve the time and date for you. You can also send us the info and we can do our best to make a special appearance.

Can I buy a truck?
We do offer trucks for sale from time to time as we are always upgrading to the newest and best equipment, please inquire. We provide wholesale ice cream, decals, and basic technical and business support for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our 23 years of experience and track record of success can be relied upon to virtually guarantee your success.

Can we limit our selection?
We will do whatever we can to make your event a success while staying within the budget you choose. For a special treat we can offer our full menu. If you have a large group or a tight budget, we can choose a price point you are comfortable with.

Can we pass out tickets to all of our employees/guests?
Yes. Many of our clients give their guests one “ice cream ticket” to redeem at the truck. We will keep track of the ice cream passed out as well as match with the tickets redeemed to determine the cost. This is a good tool to keep the cost within your budget and to avoid surprises.

Can you come down my street?
We try to give every child the same fond memories I had growing up of chasing the ice cream truck. Unfortunately, it is not always possible as our drivers are independent business persons so we don’t tell them where to go. But, if you send me an email with your street and city, we’ll pass it on to a nearby driver.

Is your ice cream kosher?
Yes, all of our ice cream treats are kosher.

Do you have sugar free? Dairy free? Peanut free?
Yes, we can provide sugar free treats for your event by request. Our ice cream treats can accommodate most allergies, please inquire when booking your event.